Photo Gallery


An All-American family.
I'm "The Caboose" in my sister Molly's lap.


grandmother and grandson

Greg and Gram having some afternoon fun.
She was a great companion to a budding kid detective
-- especially with her true crime stories.


mystery mansion

A very mysterious-looking Big Brick,
back in the 19th Century when it was built.



Greg (being buried) and Mike (doing the burying).
Being "The Caboose" has its down side...


teen detective

My first chance to solve a real crime!
(Somebody broke into my father's store one winter night).

This is my photo investigation of
crooks' tire tracks in the snow at Gerard's Grocery.
(If you recognize, contact the Ontario County Sheriff's Department. ; )


teenage obesity

As adolescence set in, my weight
increased significantly between 12 and 14.

A NOTE TO PARENTS...if your child exhibits a dramatic
physical change, please talk to them about it
openly, honestly, and with compassion.
Know what's going on in their lives.
Be mature enough to consider the secrets
they might not be telling you.


The top hatch for climbing down into my teenage
detective Headquarters, hidden in my family's' barn.


Headquarters...the First Investigator's desk.
Note the "Control Panel" with the switch for the siren
to the right and slightly above the desk
(for quick access in an investigative emergency!).


My Lifesavers bag...
with all the equipment a teenage detective could need.


The onset of high school;
Life and relationships become more complicated.
My best friend, Bob, my sometimes girlfrend, Beth, and me.


Greg Gerard

Gregory Gerard;
a high school senior with a BIG secret.


Greg Gerard

Greg and Caroline.
AFTER she turned down my teenage marriage proposal.
Thank God she had more sense than I during adolescence.

Roy, never forgotten.


Greg and least complicated relationship.


Greg and brother Paul on a road trip to LA in 1988...
we stopped at plenty of Perkins along the way!
Taken one year before another emergency surgery
to release pressure inside his skull.


Gerard today

Greg speaking at George Washington University in Nov 2009.
Working to raise awareness on issues that some teens might
grapple with -- in silence -- while learning about their sexuality.

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