Links to Interesting Things


Jim In Bold: A tragic but well-done documentary about an artistic boy. Interwoven with interviews of gay youth.

Big Eden: One of my top ten movies of all time. How gay life could really be.


Best Little Boy in the World: The first book that taught me who I was. Helped me feel so "not all alone".

Name All The Animals: A wonderfully written memoir about loss and first love. A story very close to my own heart.

Ghostbread: A poignant memoir about struggle and survival from a young girl's perspective. A lyrical story, almost poetic in its embrace.

Breakdown: Diamonds, Death and Second Chances: A story of self-love: a spiritual journey of transformation in the face of addiction and doubt.


The IT GETS BETTER Project: A clever and wonderful idea! Be inspired by more than 1,000 videos of gay people sharing their personal stories of struggle and triumph. This is important work in our world.

Soulforce: If you're a kid (or anybody struggling) with the issues surrounding homosexuality and faith, I HIGHLY recommend this organization. They are incredibly well-informed and courageously active. I admire their efforts.

Tiny Lights: A great place to read and write in the eWorld. My first online publishing happened here.

The Big Brick Review: The net's newest Online Journal. Building on the narratives of our brick at a time. Annual writers contest.

Annual Glove Notice: Everything you ever needed to know about glove wearing. Some fun reading when you've got some time to kill. Hosted by yours truly.

I, Cartographer: A friend of mine writes a great blog with a focus on advocacy for adoptee rights. Check it out:

Sheena Easton: Once you read In Jupiter's Shadow, you'll understand.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater Fan Site: You can still stream these great old shows!

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